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Vision 2025:
Share Your Innovative and Strategic Ideas!

Thank you again for all of your participation in our online forum. Your ideas, comments and votes are welcomed until the forum closes today. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to SSA’s Vision 2025 engagement site! How do you envision better service to the public? As technology and society change and develop in the upcoming years, we are developing methods to work more efficiently as an agency. We are in the process of preparing Vision 2025, our long-term strategic plan for the agency, and we need your help. We value your opinions and we welcome your honest input about how Social Security should serve America in 2025. As Acting Commissioner Colvin often says, you are our most valuable asset, and we need your help as we continue to grow and improve.

We want to know...

  • How do you envision Social Security operating in 2025?
  • What are your thoughts on:
  • Direct Service Delivery to Customers?
  • Indirect Support of Service Delivery?
  • Planning and Management of Information Resources?
  • Workforce?
  • Organizational Structure and Dynamics?
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