Summary of Idea Scale Presentation

This presentation is designed to encourage innovative thinking about the future in general and the future of Social Security over the next ten to fifteen years. How do you see Social Security in the year 2025?

Many common items that we use on a daily basis have changed dramatically in the past ten to fifteen years, and we expect these items to continue to change and evolve in the next ten to fifteen years as technology and society change and develop.

In the past, mail was always in a paper format. Now today we still receive paper mail, but we also use email to communicate quicker and more efficiently. We are even using smartphones to send and receive emails even quicker, and we can now pay bills on our smartphones.

Classrooms used to consist of wooden desks and chairs. Now classrooms can also be virtual. In the future, classrooms will continue to evolve.

Work stations and cubicles used to be very uniform. Today, office spaces are more open. In the future, advance technology will make work stations and cubicles more virtual and advanced.

In the past, home phones consisted of corded phones and then cordless phones. Now, smart phones are considered standard. In the future, smart phones could become even more advanced.

In the past, people went to the bank and waited in line. Now, online banking is common. In the future, people may be able to do all of their banking from their phones.

Cars continue to develop and evolve as new technology is created. The car of the future will look completely different from cars of the past or even of today.

Televisions were big and bulky in the past. Now flat screens are common. In the future, televisions will be more virtual and technologically advanced. Computers were also big and bulky in the past. Now flat screen monitors, laptops, and tablets are common. In the future, computers will be more virtual and technologically advanced.

Houses used to be simplistic and designed for shelter. Now, homes are a way for us to express our styles. In the future, they will be even more modern and advanced.

Grocery shopping and clothes shopping always involved going to the store. Now online shopping is also an option. In the future, grocery shopping through smart phones could become common and clothes shopping could be entirely virtual, eliminating the need to physically try on clothes in dressing rooms.

Bold thinking inspires new ideas and innovative developments for the future. At Social Security, claims were submitted on paper and employees processed cases entirely in paper format. Now, employees process cases on computers and beneficiaries can apply online for benefits. Now we ask you, what does the future hold? We want your input! Imagine the future as Social Security serves America in 2025.